What is Explain Medicine?

Explain Medicine is a quick reference for medical professionals.

If you are a practicing physician, the articles should provide a quick refresher; if you are a student, you will very likely find them to be great for rapid revision.

Please note: Explain Medicine is an ongoing project; the content and format of the articles has rapidly evolved over time, and will continue to evolve.

How is it different from existing medical references?

Four words: Quick, Mobile, Crowdsourced, and Free

  • Quick: As doctors ourselves, we know that medical professionals are always in a hurry. We wanted to create a resource which could convey key information about any given illness within a matter of seconds.
  • Mobile: Explain Medicine was built from the ground up to work well on mobile phones; almost every other reference available online was built with Desktops in mind.
  • Crowdsourced: Most references rely on a very limited number of contributors; this tends to result in articles slowly becoming out-of-date over time. By utilizing a large team of doctors, Explain Medicine aims to keep our articles as up-to-date as possible; furthermore, the more eyes, the less likely mistakes are to occur.
  • Free: No 'quick' medical reference is available for free; we believe this runs against the traditions of medicine, where knowledge has typically been transferred from teacher to student, without stint, and for free. Thus, Explain Medicine is and always will be, free.

Crowdsourced? How were the articles created?

A team of over 100 doctors collaborated to build the 700+ articles currently available. Many more articles will be available soon.

But are the articles accurate and credible?

As they say - Res ipsa loquitur ("The facts speak for themselves").

All entries in the articles are directly backed up by a reference to either a paper in a peer-reviewed journal, or a chapter in a standard textbook; the list of citations is available at the end of each subsection, so as to allow users to cross-check all information themselves.

The sole exception to the above is if the entry contains facts which are "well known" or considered "common knowledge" (for example, the statement "the human body contains two lungs" obviously needs no special justification!).

Do you verify the articles?

Yes. We make an effort to go through each and every article, and we do our best to make sure that there are no inaccuracies or omissions.

That said, nothing created by man or woman is ever perfect - if you do notice any issues, or have comments, please email us at: explainmedicine@medicaljoyworks.com, and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

How many articles have been created so far?

To date, we've created over 700 articles, and another 100+ are well on the way. Our goal is to eventually cover every disease in medicine.

Won't the articles get out of date?

No! Hence lies the beauty of crowdsourcing. The more contributors there are, the easier it is to keep material current.

Who are you?

Medical Joyworks is a team of Doctors, Programmers, and Artists who have created some of the most popular medical education apps in the entire world.

Feel free to check out our flagship app Prognosis: Your Diagnosis, as well as our newest take on medical education Clinical Sense

Why are you doing this?

In modern times, medical education has become a highly commercialized industry where a limited number of players reap obscene profits by limiting access to information, thus forcing doctors and students to pay exorbitant fees.

We believe that this runs against the core traditions of medicine, where for thousands of years, teachers have passed down their knowledge to students without stint, and for free; this is why "scientific" medicine is the predominant system of medicine in the whole world.

Thus, we would like to perform our own part towards making medical education and medical information free and openly accessible.

Is it possible to join the team?

If you are a medical professional, yes! By creating articles, you can improve (or refresh) your knowledge of medicine; we are also able to pay an honorarium for each article created.

I would like to join the team!

Fantastic! Please click here to apply.